Life Insurance Premium - Financing

What Life Insurance Premium Financing Can Do For You

RS Financial Group, through exclusive partnerships with the finest financial institutions, offers financial solutions dedicated to providing security for your business, you and your family by utilizing financial strategies with unparalleled benefits. Our exclusive partnerships have given us the ability to provide the same proven strategies in place since 2000.

How Does Premium Financing Help your Employees?

Employee Retention

Tax free income & life insurance for your employees without paying a single premium.

Secured Lifestyle

Tax free income for life and a multi-million dollar insurance policy without you paying a single premium.

Donor Strategy

Create immediate, and increase future donations, by you, the donor. You won't pay a single premium.

Meet the Team

Chris Sumner Advanced Markets
Chris Sumner

Founder & Registered Investment Advisor Representative

Melissa Sumner President and Principal Broker
Melissa Sumner

Principal Broker | President

License #277821 | Firm License #263978

Direct: (901) 312-1630 Ext 3

Kelly Snodgras Sr. VP
Kelly Snodgras

Senior VP of Client Relations

Direct: (901) 312-1630 Ext 4

Office: 1 (800) 224-7680

Elaine Grove Director of Operations
Elaine Grove

Director of Compliance

Direct: (901) 312-1630 Ext 10

Office: 1 (800) 224-7680

Chris Brundige VPof Advanced Markets
Chris Brundige

VP of Advanced Markets

Direct: (901) 312-1630 Ext 6

Office: 1 (800) 224-7680

Tim Boam VP of Operations
Tim Boam

VP of Operations

Direct: (901) 312-1630 Ext 5

Office: 1 (800) 224-7680

Shawn Ryan VP of Project Management
Shawn Ryan

VP of Project Management

Direct: (901) 312-1630 Ext 9

Office: 1 (800) 224-7680

Miles Craven Executive Assistant to Chris Sumner
Miles Craven

Executive Assistant to Chris Sumner

Direct: (901) 312-1630 Ext 8

Office: 1 (800) 224-7680

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